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Don’t Group All Cubs Fans with One Drunken Idiot

An ugly incident occurred last night at Wrigley Field, when a full beverage was dropped on the head of Philadelphia Phillies’ centerfielder Shane Victorino as he made a catch in the fifth inning.

As a Cubs fan who was in attendance, but not in the bleachers, I
stood up and booed when this occurred, as did many people sitting
around me.  True Cubs fans know this is unacceptable, despicable, and
not the least bit funny.

Bleacher Bums, as they are called, have a reputation of being loud
and obnoxious, and rightfully so.  Anyone who would pay $50 (face
value) to sit on a bench with no back for a full game, plus the two
hours before the game to get good seats is a bit nutty.  Trust me, I’ve
done it multiple times.

But make no mistake, the fans who sit in the bleachers are great
Cubs fans, throwing visiting home run balls back, riding opposing
outfielders for a misplay, and most importantly, never leaving Carlos
Lee alone.

That’s why it’s upsetting as a Cubs fan when one guy, who likely had too much to drink, goes and ruins it for everyone.

So for those of you thinking or saying things like: “I hope
other fans get back at the Cubs” or “The Cubs should be penalized by MLB“,
need to just slow down for a minute.  It’s a natural and acceptable
reaction to be angry, but direct the anger towards the one stupid
moron, not an entire fan base and organization.

Even though they apparently ejected the wrong fan, Cubs Security was
over there in a flash to take care of the situation.  The Chicago PD is
apparently conducting a manhunt for the offender, and plans to
prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.

Cubs manager Lou Piniella apologized after the game, saying: “That shouldn’t happen, it’s not good sportsmanship. … We apologize to Victorino and the Phillies for that.”

And if you had interviewed the majority of fans like me, well, you’d have this article as my response.  So, to the rest of the MLB
teams and their fans, please don’t group true Blue Cubs fans like me
with the few select individuals who do dumb stuff like this.  We really
are better than that.


Stifled Again

The Cubbies let another early lead slip away Wednesday night, again thanks to one big inning.  On Tuesday and Wednesday the Cubs took leads in the early innings off HRs by Aramis Ramirez and Derrek Lee, and each time the Astros put up 4 runs in an inning and the Cubs failed to score again.  The 4-run threshold is holding firm, reach it and win, fall short and lose.  It’s pretty much that simple. 

Sean Gallagher came off his first major league win a little shaky, as it was the first road start of his career.  He allowed 5 runs on 8 hits with with 1 walk in 4.2 innings, but most came in the deciding 3rd.  Gallagher allowed 3 straight singles to start the inning, and after striking out Lance Berkman for the 2nd time in the game, gave up a big fly to Carlos “The Cub Killer” Lee, putting the Astros up for good.  The Cubs only managed 2 hits the rest of the way, falling 5-3.

With Soriano rested we got our first glimpse of Fukudome in the 2-hole and Micah Hoffpauir in the outfield.  The 1st inning was what all Cub fans wanted to see, Kosuke drawing a walk and scoring on the Lee homer, and Hoffpauir knocking a double, his first ML hit, and scoring on the Soto base knock.  This might cause Piniella to move around the lineup, but as we all know, he doesn’t like to talk about that. 

Losing 2 of 3 to a hot Houston team isn’t the end of the world, but coming off an incredible homestand and a victory in game 1 of the series, the Cubs definitely wanted to carry that momentum through the rest of the series and on to Pittsburgh on Friday.  Yes, it’s the Pirates, but road games haven’t proved easy for the Cubs this year (see Washington, Cincinnati, St. Louis). 

Even after dropping 2 of 3, the Cubs are still 9 games over .500 with a 1.5 game lead in the Central, and there is a lot of baseball to be played.   Off day tomorrow and then off to Pittsburgh for 3 before a 7-game homestand against the Dodgers and Rockies.


Note the guy in the green polo.  Great effort to make the catch right there.